Pin Down Pro Shop

Pin Down Pro Shop is the best choice in Wilmington for your bowling supply needs. We also can help you improve your game with private one on one lessons. 


Pro Shop Hours as of Monday May 20th, 2019:


Sunday - Closed

Monday 1pm - 7pm

Tuesday 1pm - 6pm

Wednesday 1pm - 7pm

Thursday - 9:30am - 2pm

Friday by appointment and for lessons

Saturday - By appointment only.

Call JT @ 1-512-413-5698


We have the most advanced tools in the industry to help you to make your game better. Have your ball scanned by a laser with our surface ball scanner or free your ball of oil and dirt in our "detox" machine.

Please see the videos below for more information on these amazing devices.

Visit our website or our updated specials and pricing.